Nutrition Coach : Dalynn Emokpae

Dalynn has a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies. She is excited to guide individuals on a beautiful journey toward a whole-foods plant-based lifestyle. Dalynn is available to help people become aware as to how food can empower them from a state of bodily damage to one of body control, renewal and repair. It can be fearful to try something new but if we transform our fear into courage we get that much closer to our true self.

Consulting sessions include defining goals, assessing current diet and fitness routine, macro counting instruction, customized meal planning (map out exactly what to eat each day), meal prep, grocery lists and extended support.

Option 1 : $20
30 day whole foods vegan, vegetarian, or meat based meal plan.

Option 2 : $75
30 day whole foods vegan, vegetarian, or meat based meal plan with a half hour phone/email session each week (4 wks) for guidance.

Option 3 : $150
Customized 30 day meal plan. An initial one-on-one consultation will help to determine individual goals and needs. This plan will be completely customized to the client. Start an amazing journey of learning, including instruction on calorie counting and portion control, how to read food labels and determine the best nutrition for our bodies. With this plan Dalynn is available for questions and guidance daily.