Fitness Coach : Shel-Ann Combs

Shel-Ann has a diploma in kinesiology and is a certified crossfit instructor who has been in the fitness industry for fifteen years. She gears her classes to fit into every life by keeping them short and high energy, trying to take as many excuses out of working out as possible.  

Shel-Ann coaches her clients to work hard, sweat, have fun, get or stay fit, stress less and enjoy life!

Class Descriptions :

Warrior: Crossfit based. Basic exercises, different each week.
HIT: Only 4 exercises in this Tabatta class. Full body plus cardio.
3,2,1: 3 minutes strength,  2 minutes cardio, 1 minute abs.
Butt & Abs: Targets most complained about areas – the butt and abs!
Body Attack: Varies weekly, uses active rest. Full body with cardio.
Boot Camp: High intensity, variety, everything you need in a half hour!
Circuit: Different stations, stay until a timer beeps then switch.

Sculpt Barre Class: This class is 45 minutes of sculpting, toning, and lengthening of the entire body using a ballet bar. The all-levels format incorporates free weights and weighted balls throughout the entire class. The core components of this class are fast paced, low impact repetitions suitable for anyone. No dance background needed

Cardio HIT Barre: This 45 minute class is fast paced and elevates the heart rate by mixing in cardio(HIT style) with classical barre sculpt exercises. Expect a full body Barre workout the added benefits of calorie-burning cardio of the entire body.

Personal Training is also available in the studio or in your home!